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We are engaged in pro-active community and youth-informed prevention initiatives that promote safety, inclusion and diversity.

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The Name It 2 Change It Community Committee was initiated as a community bullying prevention strategy to respond to increased bullying and it's effects in Haldimand, Norfolk, and neighbouring communities. Brought together in 2007 the Committee continues to meet regularly and has representation from several local community agencies, as well as both adult and youth community members. Through a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation the Committee was able to bring the Initiative to life, hiring a Community Bullying Prevention Coordinator who oversaw the many diverse community wide components of the Initiative. NI2CI is administered through Haldimand-Norfolk REACH.


Our Commitment
The NI2CI Committee is committed to responding to the problem of bullying and peer aggression through a coordinated community based approach. This approach is informed by the assumptions that all communities have capabilities and ideas of ways to address their concerns and that all communities are diverse, requiring grass roots tailored approaches to bullying prevention. We are committed to looking at bullying in parallel to the contexts in which it thrives and the factors that influence the problem. We are striving for the community members of Haldimand and Norfolk to work together, to free the community of bullying, by becoming informed, naming bullying practices, and taking responsible action to create safe environments for all.

Our Response
The Committee is engaged in pro-active community and youth informed prevention initiatives that promote safety, inclusion and diversity. Areas of focus include:

Awareness: We strive to bring awareness to the seriousness of bullying. We are working to make the places and factors sustaining bullying more visible. Awareness is taken up through multi-media initiatives and various community wide projects. These projects have included Youth Festivals, Newspaper Inserts, Climate Surveys.

Education: We are committed to disseminating the most relevant information and research related to the effects of bullying and pathways to bullying prevention. Through education our communities continue to grow healthier.

Community Engagement: We continue to mobilize the community and partner organizations to take coordinated bullying prevention steps and to participate in community networks, forums, and festivals. This project is founded on partnerships that help get things done through working together.

Youth Movement: We want to build a foundation from which youth can take the lead as valued partners in addressing bullying and it's effects. Support is available for bullying prevention projects and initiatives.

Art Effects: We believe art provides an outlet and speaks in any language. By providing creative ways to share experiences and 'prevention friendly' messages through art the message will endure.

Bullying is to us...
We (NI2CI) support a modified definition of bullying proposed by Prevnet. For their definition visit their web page by clicking here.

Bullying is a relationship problem that requires relationship solutions. The use of bullying is a form of abuse at the hands of peers that can take different forms at different ages. Bullying is defined as repeated aggression in which there is an imbalance of power between the child who uses bullying and the child who experiences bullying (Juvonen & Graham, 2001; Olweus, 1991; Pepler & Craig, 2000). Through our [Prevnet's] research, [they] understand bullying as a disrespectful relationship problem:

  • Children who use bullying are learning to use power and aggression
    to control and distress others.
  • Children who are experiencing bullying become increasingly powerless
    and find themselves trapped in relationships in which they are experiencing abuse.

With repeated bullying, the child who uses bullying increases in power and the child experiencing bullying loses power in the relationship. In such a relationship, children who are experiencing bullying become increasingly powerless to defend themselves. Children who repeatedly use bullying are establishing patterns of using power and aggression in relating to others.

We Recognize

  • That the problem is the problem, not the person!
  • That bullying is a community concern,
  • That individuals have choices,
  • That those choices can be effected by culture and contextual influences,
  • Bullying thrives on secrecy and being under the radar,
  • Bullying has debilitating effects on individuals and families,
  • Bullying wants it's victims to think they are different, not liked, alone,
  • Bullying keeps children from doing the things they enjoy in life,
  • There are many things adults can do about bullying,
  • There are many things children and youth can do about bullying,
  • Doing something about bullying is easiest when children, parents, professionals, and community members join together in partnership,
  • By naming it as a community we can change it as a community.




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