We want you to know

we want you to know

"I've learned as I've gotten older that if you're being bullied, it's never about you.  It's all about the person doing the bullying.  They're dealing with their own garbage, and they're not dealing with it very well, so it comes out in ways that hurt other people.  The kid being bullied is just in the way."

                                                      Excerpt from Marie, 15

On January of 2010, the book 'We Want You to Know - Kids Talk About Bullying' by Deb Ellis, former Community Coordinator for Name It 2 Change It Bullying Prevention Initiative, was launched. 







About the book
Through her association with the NI2CI Community Bullying Prevention Initiative , children's author Deborah Ellis asked students from the ages of nine to nineteen to talk about their experiences with bullying.

The results are thoughtful, candid, and often harrowing accounts of 'business as usual' in and around today's schools. The kids in this book raise questions about the way parents, teachers, and school administrators cope with bullies. They talk about which methods have helped and which ones, with the best of intentions, have failed to protect them. And some kids reveal how they have been able to overcome their fear and anger to become strong advocates for the rights of others.
This is a book for reading and sharing.

Each interview is followed by questions that will encourage open discussion about the nature of bullying and the ways in which individuals and schools could deal more effectively with bullies and their victims. And additional comments from international students reveal how much kids the world over have in common in the way they experience and deal with bullies. These kids have something to say. It's time we listened.

"I probably wouldn't have picked on the loser kids if I'd known something about them.  As it was, they weren't really people to me.  If I'd known what they were inside, what they did when they weren't at school, what they were trying to be good at, I probably wouldn't have gone after them, because you don't go after people you respect."
                                                                                                                          Excerpt from Len, 15






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