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AWARD WINNING Youth Advisory Committee!!

"Children have the right to have their voices heard, and to have their thoughts solicited and taken into account on matters that affect them."  United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Our Youth Advisory Committee brings together youth from all over Haldimand and Norfolk every Thursday evening to explore issues surrounding bullying and create ideas to prevent it from happening to begin with in their schools, their homes and their communities. 

 community project award

We are so pleased to announce that our Youth Advisory Committee were the winners of  Haldimand County's Community Project Award of 2011, as well as the Difference Maker's Award for Norfolk County, 2011. 
A lot of hard work went into the Youth Advisory Committee and they are well deserving and honoured for such awards! 

For more information, follow this link:

Caledonia Sachem's article


Youth Engagement Events - Celebrating Schools Coming Together to Find Solutions

As part of our Trillium Foundation Plan, Phase II of our Initiative was to develop a Youth Engagement Event that would bring together youth from all the schools to learn more about bullying and find solutions to help prevent it from happening in their schools.  Name It 2 Change It has hosted 4 of these Events across Haldimand and Norfolk, servicing 23 schools.  These schools that participated came with students and adults from their school community to discuss what was going on at their respective schools (what's happening, where it's happening, is enough being done about it) and help create an Action Plan to take back to the school and initiate. 


   Mentored by the Youth Advisory Committee, the students are empowered to take matters into their own hands, under the guiding support of the adults at their schools, and move forward with their ideas that will benefit their peers and, ultimately, thier schools.  The difference between this Youth Engagement Event from otehr Bullying Prevention programs is that it is uniquely tailored to each school - discussions about what happens and what to do about it are facilitated at each 'school' table, focusing on the individual school's problems. 
Another unique feature about the day is that it brings together both school Boards - the public and the separate - to engage in discussions with each other and even share solutions (in some cases, schools are right beside each other in the same towns, so some of their issues may be very similar).

Name It TeamOur Youth Advisory Committee are a dedicated group of youth that know how to ask the tough questions to those groups of schools.  Questions like 'What are the issues?', 'Where is it happening' and 'What can you be doign about it?' are asked at our Youth Engagment Events.  The learning is pulled out of the students, and our Youth Advisory members can relate with stories and encourage with praise. 


For more information about how our Youth Engagment Events went, please follow this link to learn more:

Dunnville Chronicle Article about April 2012 Youth Engagement Event 




     As we tour around our communities, we are collecting the thoughts of our youth and adult allies.  We have asked that everyone sign a 'pledge' telling us how they will make a difference in their homes/schools/communities when it comes to bullying.  Here are just a few examples of what has been said:


I will make a difference by . . .                pledge 2

Listening to others
Being true to myself
Leading by example
Being kind
Telling an adult
Sharing my stories  







We have had some wonderful,
inspirational pledges from our
teachers as well!







 parade 2

     Making a difference and educating our public is something our Youth Advisory Committee is aiming to do.  By talking at meetings, presenting at schools, setting up at fairs and walking in parades, we are hoping to spread the message that Bullying is a Community Issue and that together, we can free our communities of bullying. 


  Join us as we celebrate the UN's International Peace Day with a film screening of the award-winning documentary 'The Day After Peace' on Wednesday, September 21st, 7 pm at the Simcoe Composite School gym.  The film, from Jeremy Gilley (founder of follows his work towards a globally observed day of cease-fire and non-violence.  The film is a moving testament to the power of the individual and the perserverance of the human spirit.

The Day of Peace has been created by every member state of the United Nations.  The UN International Day of Peace resolution invites us as individuals to act on that day to help create peace in the world - not only peace between nations, but peace and non-violence in our homes, communities and schools.

 For more information on Peace Day, please visit

 Sept 21 Peace Day web size




We'll be setting up shop at the Norfolk County Fair!  Come visit our interactive booth in the Curling Building during the Fair (October 4-10, 2011) and talk to our of our Youth Advisory members, play an interactive game and leave your own messages about bullying prevention!

Follow this link to find out more about the Norfolk County Fair.


Friendly, easy to use, current, respectful and meaningful to Haldimand and Norfolk youth!  What more could you want from a website?   Watch for upcoming contests, events, newsletters and more as we start the promotion of our shiny new and updated website.  Forward this to all your friends and family so they can see what we're all doing to prevent bullying in our community! 


We've been busy touring the countryside with our Bullying Prevention presentations.  We present to:

  • school age children (grades 5-12)
  • school staff and administration
  • parent councils
  • community organizations
  • staff functions
  • service clubs

When presenting to the younger students, the Youth Advisory Committee accompany the Coordinator to deliver a powerful and impactful assembly.  When presenting to adults, the coordinator uses a candid powerpoint presentation and leads the group through discussions about what bullying is, why it's happening and how we can all be involved in prevention.

For more information about how to book a presentation, please contact our Coordinator:

1-800-265-8087 ext. 397 or


    On April 13th, 2011, we hosted the first ever Youth Engagement Event in which 5 pilot schools from across Haldimand and Norfolk came together to explore and address the issues of bullying as it pertains to their own schools.  The students from each school sat down with our Youth Advisory Committee to discuss what is happening, where it's happening, what is being done about it and what else they can do about it.

Is your school interested in participating?  Would you like more information about the Youth Engagment Event and what happens at one?  Feel free to contact us at:

1-800-265-8087  ext. 397 or


i will make a difference by web size

At the Youth Engagement Event, students were encouraged to sign our banner.  The banner has the phrase "I will make a difference by ___________" written on it over 100 times, and students, staff and volunteers were encouraged to fill in the  blank to share how they'll make a difference at school, at home and in their communities.  Here are just some examples of what the banner has to say:


making a difference web size

                      sharing my experiences



 suporting my students web sizebecoming more aware




 telling my schoollearning from same age




 being kind




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