Taking Steps

Taking action is the first step toward preventing bullying. We've prepared a series of documents to help you or someone you know in making the right decisions when trying to eliminate the problem.

Each document is a guide you can follow that should put you on the right track. All you need to do is click on the document you wish to download in the downloads table at the bottom of this page.


I can't take it one more minute! - A guide to help you take that first step
Step In - What to do when you see someone experiencing bullying
Standing Up - What to do when you are experiencing bullying
Cyber Bullying - The reach of bullying into your own home
My own bullying prevention plan - Create your own bullying prevention plan

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Standing_up.pdf 537 Kb 2011-04-26
My_own_anti-bullying_plan.pdf 563 Kb 2011-04-26
I_cannot_take_it.pdf 624 Kb 2011-04-26
Step_in.pdf 540 Kb 2011-04-26
Cyber_bullying.pdf 608 Kb 2011-04-26


Note that some of these files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader,
which can be downloaded FREE from



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